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Mayte's belly dance things and more

*NEW* Energy Glow Candle!

*NEW* Energy Glow Candle!

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In a world where the energy can often feel a little weird, the Energy Glow Candle is your beacon of positivity and peace. This candle is thoughtfully crafted with healing crystals embedded in the wax, chosen specifically to balance and harmonize your space. As it burns, it releases a delightful scent that brings a smile to your face, combining the soothing essence of watermelon with the uplifting notes of citrus and florals. Perfect for moments when you need to unwind or when you want to infuse your home with a sense of tranquility, the Energy Glow Candle is your go-to for creating a serene and joyful atmosphere. Light it up, and let the healing properties and enchanting fragrance elevate your mood and energy.

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