Bellydance Class – Descriptions

Belly Dance is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and sensual forms of self expression. It is empowering, uplifting, healing, and fun! The typical Belly Dance cabaret (or routine), consists of several different segments, offering a complete glimpse into the dancer’s soul. From slow, snakey arm movements to exhilarating percussive hip hits, this dance is completely entertaining for the observer and dancer alike.

 Mayte has experienced the joys of Belly Dancing since childhood, and now she is delighted to bring that joy to YOU! By offering several subjects and formats of classes, women (and men) around the world can experience the magic of the dance in many forms.

Sensual Belly Dance with Mayte – this workshop focuses on the slower and more seductive side of the dance. With serpentine-like undulations, hand ripples and waves, and mesmerizing hip circles, you will experience a new connection with your sensual self.

Elements of Belly Dance for Beginners – Mayte will break down some of the most fundamental moves in Belly Dance using the elements of the earth to help you connect with the different types of movements. Learn basic technique and simple combinations to get in touch with your Inner Goddess!

Shimmy, Sweat & Smile® – One of the most exciting and entertaining parts of Belly Dance cabaret is the upbeat and percussive portion of the routine, which is where the dancer shows off her playful side with hip drops, chest circles, and of course the iconic shimmy! In this fun workshop, Mayte will show you that you really can work up a sweat and still have a smile on your face! Learn technique and combinations for a lively mini-choreography. Suitable for all levels – from very beginner to experienced dancer.


Bellydance Class – Policies & FAQ

1. Do I need previous dance experience? No, you don’t. Mayte’s classes are structured in such a way that anyone can follow along and have fun! Complete beginners to advanced dancers will all benefit from these exciting workshops that teach technique and mini-choreographies in Mayte’s unique Belly Dance Fusion style.

2. Can anyone learn to Belly Dance?
 YES! The beauty of Belly Dance is that it is a dance of the people, embracing all sizes, shapes, ages, and genders. So anyone who wants celebrate life through movement and music can Belly Dance! You can do as much or as little as feels comfortable for you – it’s about getting your body moving and rejoicing in the moment! (Please note that this class, like any other dance or exercise class, may include twisting, dipping, turning, stretching, and getting your heart rate up. So please be careful and do only what feels comfortable on your own body. If you have any questions about the suitability of this class, please contact your physician.)

3. What will I learn in class?
 Each of Mayte’s classes teaches a series of Belly Dance moves, often spiced with flavors of other dance forms, drawing upon Mayte’s eclectic repertoire built from her lifetime of dancing around the world. The moves are then put together to form a short choreography. All of the classes include a fun follow-along warm up and cool down, often to contemporary music. Even though the moves are explained and students may even get individual input, the class moves at a dynamic pace so that everyone stays engaged and keeps their bodies moving. The choreographies are in Mayte’s own style, so even advanced dancers will have fun and work up a sweat! Click here for class definitions.

4. What should I wear?
 Wear something that is comfortable and allows you full range of motion. A good choice would be something you might wear to yoga class, like yoga pants or stretch pants, and a half top or tank top (or even a t-shirt). If you happen to have it on hand, you may want to wear harem pants or any other dance outfit that makes you feel like dancing! Generally, Belly Dance is performed barefoot or with special dance sandals. However, if you do not feel comfortable dancing barefoot, you are welcome to wear sneakers or any soft sole shoe. A hipscarf (especially a coin hipscarf) is a popular and iconic accessory for Belly Dance. You can bring your own, purchase one at class, or dance without one. It’s entirely up to you.

5. Do I need to bring anything?
 Water! We always suggest that you bring your own bottle of water as we cannot guarantee that the facility will have vending machines in operable order or even water fountains. So better to be prepared with your own beverage. You may also want to keep in mind that there will be shopping before and after class, so if you want to make any purchases you will want to bring payment options.

6. What can I buy at class?
 Every class is different, but may include hipscarves, t-shirts, Mayte’s instructional dance DVDs, music CDS, 8×10 photos, and miscellaneous accessories. And as long as wi-fi is available and operational at the location, we also accept credit cards and debit cards.

7. I just paid for class – will I receive a ticket?
 No, there is no physical ticket for the class. Once your payment is received, your name goes onto a class registration list, which we will have at the door. However, just to be safe, we highly recommend that you have a copy of your receipt handy, whether printed or viewable on your mobile device.

8. Why are ticket prices different at different locations?
 Ticket prices are directly affected by the cost of overhead… or the price of doing business in each location. Travel expenses, such as airline prices, hotel prices, and even dance studio rental prices, are very different from place to place and time of year. Mayte’s events require that she not only get herself to class, but also other staff members who are necessary to make the event function. Therefore ticket prices are determined by overhead costs for each location.

9. I paid for class, but now I can’t attend. Can I get a refund? Classes are fully refundable as long as you give at least 48 hour notice of cancellation. Please understand that when a class admission is purchased, we hold a space for you and count your attendance in the feasibility and travel expenditures calculations. So if you give required notice that you cannot attend, you will be issued a refund to the credit card or PayPal account that you made the payment with, but if you do not give at least 48 hours notice, unfortunately your entrance fee will be forfeited. We do not have any way to give you credit towards another event or merchandise at this time. Another option that has been popular is to ask that your admittance payment be donated to Mayte’s Rescue, which is always greatly appreciated.

10. I can’t make it to class, so can I give my entrance to someone else?
 Yes – your admission fee is transferrable as long as you let us know in advance that someone else will be taking your place, and provide us with that person’s name.

11. Can my family or friends come and watch?
 No – only students are permitted in the dance studio. Many of the class attendees have never danced before, and having people sitting in the studio watching them learn may make them feel uncomfortable and self conscious. Also, this event is for learning and dancing, it is not a performance. If we allowed everyone to bring spectators, then the event would no longer be a casual learning environment. So if you have someone driving you to and from class, please be aware that they will need to wait in the lobby (if there is one) or come back later. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

12. I can’t find a babysitter so can I bring my kid(s) with me?
 Maybe. If your child is old enough to participate in class, you can purchase a child admission for half off the regular price. Since every child is different, we do not have a set age for participation, we leave that up to your good judgment as you know your child best, but usually children under seven or eight years old will not have the interest or discipline to be engaged in the entire workshop. So in consideration of the other people attending the workshop/class, iIf your child is not old enough to be a student, we ask that you do not bring them to class with you unless you have someone to care for them OUTSIDE of the classroom.

13. Can I get a selfie with Mayte at class?
 Photos, including selfies, with Mayte are limited to the official photo opportunity provided at the reception. Only students are permitted to take photos with Mayte, no friends or family please. You may also take one selfie with your own phone or camera, but please be considerate of other students and keep your visit down to one or two minutes in order to ensure everyone has a chance to get their time with Mayte, and also that we are able to end the event in a timely manner as the facilities have deadlines for the end of the event.

14. Can I get a quick video with Mayte?
 In order to keep the line moving and make sure that everyone gets a chance to get their photo with and say hello to Mayte, please do not ask to do videos, including SnapChat, Vine, Instagram, etc.

15. Is it okay to take photos or video in class?
 No – we ask that you refrain from taking photos or video during or of the class. Please respect the privacy of other students and the proprietary material that is being taught in class.

16. Can I get an autograph from Mayte?
 Yes! Just get in the photo op line, and when it’s your turn to say hello, Mayte will be happy to autograph up to three items. If you don’t bring anything with you to class to autograph, there are items available for purchase.

17. I recently attended a class and had my photo taken. How do I get a copy? The photo op photos are taken by one of Mayte’s staff. They are sorted out and uploaded to a page dedicated to your class. A link to that page will be added to the Belly Dance class pagenear the bottom. Click on that link to see your class photo gallery – you can download your photo from that page. Please allow approximately five to seven business days for the photo gallery to be added. If you don’t see it after that time, please email

18. Is there a video of my class that I can see later?
 Many of Mayte’s classes are broadcast and recorded via StageIt. If your class was recorded, then the class video is edited and uploaded to the same page where the photo gallery resides. You will need a password to view the video, which should have been announced at class. If you don’t remember the password, please email Allow seven to 10 business days for the video to be available.

19. Can I make a donation to Mayte’s Rescue at class?
 Yes! Donations are always needed and welcome! Your class entrance fee includes an automatic $10 donation to Mayte’s Rescue, but if you would like to contribute more, just visit the cashier at the class and tell her/him that you want to make a donation to the rescue – any amount is greatly appreciated! You can make a cash donation or use any major credit card. Mayte’s Rescue merchandise may also be for sale at class, and all profits from the sale of these items goes directly helping the homeless pets at Mayte’s Rescue.

Still have questions? Please email