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*SALE!* The Mylo Candle

*SALE!* The Mylo Candle

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For those of you who keep up with me and Mayte's Rescue, you know who Mylo is....for those of you don't, I'll try to keep it short: 

Mylo was rescued from the Dominican Republic, and when he came to us we discovered that he was suffering from a lot of health problems.  He's got chronic erlichia, and needs a steady stream of regular blood transfusions...

....and that costs money.  A lot of money.   

So I decided to make this special, one of a kind candle named after Mylo - and all of the proceeds from it will go to help the Rescue pay for the treatments that keep this boy healthy and alive. 

Candle scent still to be determined - but you know me, it's gonna smell good!!!

Buy a candle, save a life.
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