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Mayte's belly dance things and more

*NEW* The Doodle Candle

*NEW* The Doodle Candle

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I'm making a doodle candle for my boy.  This is his nickname: 

Zipper Doodle.

The only way I can continue to remember him and make something I know that he would want - a candle in his honor, with 100% of the proceeds going to the rescue.  

Know that by purchasing this candle, you're honoring Ziggy - a special boy who without the rescue and without your donations wouldn't have survived.  I want to continue to save lives in my Zipper Doodle's memory but I need your help. 

Buy a candle, save a fur baby's life.  

Notes are: 

sweet kisses of sugar cookie, mysterious notes of amber, lots of Passion fruit and guava, a crazy splash of Fruit Loops and a hint of Himalayan bamboo.  

*Candles are 100% soy based

*A limited number of larger 12oz candles are available

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